3R Graffiti Removal provides an efficient and easy way to REPORT graffiti, REMIT a donation and REMOVE it in a timely manner.

REPORT: This site allows users to upload photos of graffiti, enter a description and input the GPS coordinates from google maps. This is important so we can find the job site quickly.

REMIT: Each example of graffiti will be reviewed, then priced for removal. There is an online store format that allows users to view photos of existing graffiti and conveniently remit an online payment to fund the removal of an individual piece or a small group of adjacent pieces.

REMOVE: Once funded, the graffiti will be added to our calendar and scheduled for prompt removal. (sometimes within 24 hours) When the removal is complete, a before & after photo will be archived in an online gallery with the name of the person, business or public agency that funded the abatement.